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Roee Dotan
03-15-2004, 14:56
Hello guys.

I am looking for a sleeping but I have a problem with choosing the right size.

I am 1.80,and the regular size is for a person who is maximum 1.82, and the long is for a person who is maximum 1.96 or so. Now, the problem is that I really hate to sleep on my back and I never do. I always sleep on the side. So I dont know if there will be enough space in the regular size so I will be able to sleep on my side and turn around and sweep sides during the night without turning the whole bag with me.. Maybe I will be able to do it in the long bag ? to turn around and sleep on the side without moving the bag its self..

And, if I do choose the long one, will be serve and worm me in the same level even with the fact that it is bigger than I need ?

Btw, I'm starting on the 11 of april to walk the Appalachian Trail with the hope to say in more few monthe that I did it as a thru hiker :-) Thank you very much for your help, Roee !

03-15-2004, 15:22
You can probably use the regular and not have to carry the extra weight of a long bag but extra room in the foot can be a handy storage area to keep clothes warm or dry damp items. The other important consideration is how the bag is cut. Some are more generous in the middle which allows for more turning and moving in the bag. I like to sleep on my side and move around a lot. My Mountain Hardwear Stormlight is quite comfortable and does not tend to bind when I turn. Some other bags I have tried were much more constricting and forced me to sleep on my back or to stay in one position. Having a little extra room in the barrel also makes it easier to dress on a cold morning or if my tarp is pitched low.

I am 175 cm tall and my bag is a regular.

If you aren't starting until mid April you might consider a rectangular fleece bag, roomy and light. Just be sure you have some warm clothes you can wear to bed if cold weather strikes. You can still have snow and ice in April.
I would prefer to have a regular sleeping bag until the weather settles.

Have a great trip!

03-15-2004, 18:02
There is no substitute for going to your local outfitter and trying on different bags. That's the way to find what fits you best.