View Full Version : Personal and Business Sponsorship Spots for Hard Core Trail work T-Shirts for 2009

09-23-2008, 13:31

The shirts arrived yesterday for the 2009 Hard Core Trail Work project.

We are getting a jump on the project this year because Duofold is down to the bottom of the pile of short sleeve T-Shirts that we have used for these the past 2 years.

2008 Was a financial Bust on my part. I ate 80% of the cost of the shirts my self.

I cant continue to do this without the help of others.

Here is the deal for 2009.

If white blaze individual members will contribute $1 each and the total from whiteblaze.net is $500 I will give the "members of WhiteBlaze.net" a large spot on the back of the shirts plus enter each of you 1 time per $1 that you contribute towards a drawing for stocked Ultralight Granite Gear Pack with, sleeping pad, stove, spork, foam clogs, 8x10 tarp, tent stakes, ground cloth, pack cover, and mini first aid kit. Drawing will be held as soon as the contributions total $500.

Individual Hikers
You can have your own name or trail name on the back of the shirts as a supporter for $10 (If you attend or have attended before I would expect that you would want to have your name on there)

Any Business who wants to contribute
You can have your business name, address or web address, and phone number on the back for $20

Any business who wants a feature ad
You can have a business card size graphic ad on the back for $100 (There are 6 spots)

Any business who wants the bigger ad
You can have a 3 business card wide ad at the top or bottom of the shirt on the back for $250 (There are 2 spots)

Any Individual or Business
You can have either sleeve for $100 plus the production costs of $1 per scree times 150 shirts, so a sleeve will cost you $250

The front just gets the logo for the event.

Paypal can be sent to [email protected] or I will set up item in the store for $10 each for you guys to purchase with no shipping. Please make the $1 donations from here to [email protected] paypal with HardCore T-Shirt as the subject. If you want a business ad you will buy 2 $10 items, if you want a graphic ad you will buy 25 $10 items etc All business ads will get at least 2 shirts for contributing.

Last year this cost around $1500 to do 120 shirts, that were duofold wicking hiking shirts.

If there is any extra money, I'll hand Bob Peoples a check made out to Eastman Hiking Club for gift card for tools, supplies, or other items needed for the event.

Anyone who would like to inquire about this please call 724 747 0677 M-F 8-5.

Please spread the word around and help me out with the funds for this project.

Aaron Sworden
Appalachian Adventure Equipment