View Full Version : Oct 18 & Nov 22 2008 TEHCC Trail events @ Cherry Gap

Tennessee Viking
09-24-2008, 01:31
On Oct 18th & Nov 22nd, the TEHCC will be hosting trail maintenance relocation projects. College students will be attendance at these events, but hikers & other volunteers are welcome with prior notice. Previous experience such as Hardcore or Konnarock will be welcomed.

Oct 18th & Nov 22nd - The TEHCC will be continuing to dig new trail to relocate the AT in the Unaka Mountain of Cherry Gap; in between Cherry Gap Shelter and Little Bald Knob. We will be continuing to build trail from previous Hardcore events near Cherry Gap. This project will not meet at regular AT trailheads on the Unaka Mountain section. We will be using rural & forest roads to access trail. This relocation will help keep the trail around Little Bald Knob & Cherry Gap on a better grade and help prevent erosion, where as old trail is becoming rough and worn. There will probably be several meeting spots for this event. So please RSVP. If you have high clearance/4x4 transportation and are able to carpool, please note that as well.

As always, bring work gloves, appropriate clothing for digging trail and cutting weeds (long pants & work shoes), and food&water.

These projects will proceed ran or shine. Since these events will be in mid to late fall on Unaka, rain and cold winds will be likely, so bring a rain gear, jacket, or other warm if forecast calls for it.

If you would like to attend, please PM me ('Buliwyf') two weeks in advance. This will help in keeping tool counts and logistics in check. Details about meeting/entry spots will be provided later.