View Full Version : Dogs and shelters

Jack Tarlin
09-29-2008, 15:35
I've been away for a day.

The recent "Dogs and Shelters" thread, which I think contained a lot of useful informative stuff has been "moved", but it can't be accessed.

Um, what's up with this?

If there were posts on the thread that needed clean-up, that I understand, as the dog issue always becomes a heated topic. But the thread itself contained some useful comments.

This is meant as a suggestion to moderators, and is not meant as criticism, but it seems to me that it's one thing to remove objectionable or unacceptable posts, but shutting down an entire thread seems sort of drastic.

And this has been happening quite a bit lately.

Two Speed
09-29-2008, 15:50
I moved it to the moderator's holding zone until I have time to clean it up.

It'll be back soon enough.

Jack Tarlin
09-29-2008, 16:33
Figured it was something like that.

Thanx for the quick response.