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09-29-2008, 19:16
:-?I am a newbie backpacker who wants to "lighten my load" when I am by myself (year round) or with one other person in the Summer.

Having looked at a bunch of alcohol stoves I have tentatively decided to go with the Brasslite Turbo II-D Backpacking Stove. However I have a few questions:

1) Is it worth while to get the stainless steel stand extensions?
2) What would the best size plus material to use for a wind screen.
3) What size pot would allow me to store the brasslite plus the windscreen inside?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


P.S. In winter my Bro and I split the weight of a white gas stove, so this stove is just for my lighter weight outings.:banana

09-29-2008, 23:20
1) Not sure, mine does not have them.
2) I used aluminum flashing to make my windscreen. It's not quite as high as the pot itself. When the pot is sitting on the stove, it extends part way up the side of the pot. I also cut a piece of flashing a little larger than the base of the pot. I use it under the stove. It helps stabilize the stove and reflects the heat. It works well for me in winter temperatures also.
3) I use a MSR Titan pot with a reflex pot cozy I made. I wrap the windscreen around the pot and slip both inside the pot cozy.


10-02-2008, 13:19
I don't have experience with this particular stove, but I use a Turbo-F which is a very small, older brasslite model. I can say that with this small stove I didn't feel like I needed anything to support the pot more. Use a 1L Ti pot and cozy cook. The cozy is shaped to the outside of the pot. Stove and windscreen fit in the pot, the pot stores in the cozy. Shouldn't be much of a problem storing your stove in most pots. Might be worth it to get the stove before your pot, though, so you can take the stove with you pot shopping. (pot shopping - groovy). I use a piece of aluminum foil for a windscreen. Pull out a piece that is long enough to wrap around the pot, then double it over to get the right height. Super light weight and disposable. Also, easy to roll up for storage inside the pot. On the AT I sent myself pieces of foil in the few maildrops I had so I could replace the windscreen. It lasted fine between maildrops but the lightweight foil wont last forever. This also kept me from having to buy a roll of foil on the Trail when all I needed was a foot or so. You can get foil that is a little thicker at Sam's or BJ's or similar warehouse store. BTW, I hate the metal rattle of a stove rolling around in a pot inside my backpack. My Brasslite came in a small bubble wrap bag. I saved the bubble wrap and keep my stove in it while it is in my pot in the pack. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Enjoy the stove.

- MM.