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Uncle Wayne
03-18-2004, 07:22
Does anyone know if you can eat at the LeConte lodge without reservations? If we stayed at the Mt. LeConte shelter, could we eat at the Lodge if we showed up at meal time?

Of the 4 or 5 trails going to Mt. LeConte lodge, which one would you recommend for a "first time there" trip? I know the Boulevard (sp?) trail leaves the AT near Ice Water Springs shelter but that's all I know. Going to do some Mt LeConte research today but would appreciate your opinions / advice. Thanks.

03-18-2004, 09:29
to eat at the lodge one must stay at the lodge...now if you hike up with my sister who knows some of the guys on staff you may get be able to get some food ,, but she is getting married soon and this will come to an end.

some limited candy bars are for sell.

you will be able to get water at the lodge from the spigot and also hot water from the faucet outside the lodge dining hall ...but no meals ...but why would you even want the food from the lodge ..it is really not that good.

Alum Cave Bluff. most scenic trail inthe whole park. have you seen ED WRIGHTS BOOK?? http://www.mtleconte.com/

keep looking I'm mentioned in the book a few times ( years 1999-2000)...you could learn something about me too. :sun

03-22-2004, 21:43
The easiest way up is from the northeast. Park in Greenbriar and hike up the Brushy Mountain and Trillium Gap trails. Rather pleasant walking, really, with a view nice views and an old cemetary at the bottom. Plus, you might get to meet the pack train heading up. I haven't been up Alum Cave yet, mostly because it doesn't fit well into a loop. The Boulevard is a stunner and not super hard. The Bullhead (if that is the name) is another good way up with some good views high up. If I was going to dayhike it, I'd take Alum, but would make sure to get an early start to miss all the tourons.

03-22-2004, 22:14
Simple... take Alum Caves Bluff... its one of the best trails in the park period

max patch
03-22-2004, 23:05
Another vote to take Alum Cave to Mt. LeConte Lodge.

03-23-2004, 00:58
It's not a loop, but a C. :)

I like to start at Newfound Gap, go up the AT to Ice Water and Charlies Bunion, backtrack a little and take the Boulevard to LeConte then down the Alum Cave trail. I usually do this as an easy night at Ice Water and the next on LeConte. Pretty easy hitching back up to Newfound to the car, or just have a shuttle service meet you at Alum Cave trailhead and take you to Newfound.

9 Mules
03-23-2004, 07:42
A good loop hike back to your car would be Rainbow Falls and then down Bull Head. Its a herd of day hikers going up Alum Cave, but yea you gotta do Alum Cave at least once. Trillium is cool to and the trail head isn't to far from the Rainbow Falls parking.

03-24-2004, 12:23
We went up past Grotto Falls on the Trillium gap trail to LeConte. Saw hardly anyone after the falls. And if I remeber correctly it was less than seven miles. We went up and back down in one day. Beware of LLama droppings along the way.


Big Dawg
03-24-2004, 13:19
Stovestomper,, I just completed a section hike on the AT in the Smokies & loved the area so much that I'm planning a loop hike that you mentioned in your post, although I plan on going the opposite direction----parking & hitching from Newfound Gap to Alum trail parking, making it to Mt LeConte shelter before dark, then the next day taking Broadway trail to AT/Charlies Bunion, & staying at Ice Water shelter 2nd nght. Then back down AT to Newfound Gap. Is there any benefit to hiking in the direction that you explained? & should I be concerned about parking my car @ Newfound Gap for a few days?

Big Dawg
03-24-2004, 13:30
Previous post----I meant Boulevard Trail, not Broadway Trail??