View Full Version : RED REPORT from the BLUEBERRY PATCH

03-18-2004, 14:03
Just talked to smokymtnred on the phone...he is at the Bluebery Patch...Gary and Lennie's Poteat 's place near dick's creek gap crossing at US 76. he's having a great time.

He left NEEL"S GAP monday morning and walked to low gap shelter which he said was fairly crowded....and spent monday night there with whiteblaze member syracuse who was also there.

next he headed for blue mtn...but five miles from low gap he discovered that he had left a piece of gear at the low gap shelter and turned around to go back...was able to retreive the gear and then walked to blue mtn shelter...about an 18 mile day..
he won't tell me what he left at the shelter ...but I guess this is a good LEAVE NO TRACE lesson ...if you LNT and double check you will not LEAVE YOUR STUFF behind eitheir.

so he spent tuesday night at Blue mtn shelter where there would have been room for a couple more hikers.

up early and a long day from Blue Mtn down into unicoi gap and over Tray mtn and then thru the swag to Deep gap shelter...where they spent a crowded night wednesday. about a 15 mile day.

so he gets up early this morning (sans breakfast) and heads into dick's creek gap...meets up with Gary Poteat dropping off the morning shuttle, so gets a ride with gary back to the blueberry patch ...what an easy hitch.(has someone taught this young man , "trail tricks") :clap

He's cleaning up and heading into town this evening for an AYCE and then in the morning Gary and Lennies always FANTASTIC pancake and homegrown blueberry breakfast....shuttle to trail and then up BLY GAP to MUSK RAT CREEK shelter and then into RAINBOW SPRINGS campground where I should meet and join him on sunday.....

I better get packing.

03-18-2004, 14:11
Great Report! Sounds like he is really enjoying the hike. Sunday, tell him Happy said "hello" and enjoy your hiking together.

papa john
03-18-2004, 15:43
How's the weather? I am going up next week to hike from Deep Gap to Wallace Gap...

03-18-2004, 15:50
weather been good...red says a little cool in the mornings..the weather has been better this past couple weeks compared to the same time last year.

standing indian tends to be a cold mtn though.

papa john
03-18-2004, 17:51
Tell me about it! Every night I have spent there has been miserable. Gonna try to avoid it somehow this trip.

03-19-2004, 16:04
Heard from Red this morning ...the Blue berry patch hostel was full last night with 10 hikers.... Red was up early..he is a morning person after his two years of making biscuits for 150 students and staff at Tallulah Falls school. He is having a great time is heading for bly gap to camp or maybe muskrat creek shelter for tonight...last fall when Red did this section he hiked up bly and into muskrat in the dark and rain...looks like he will have better weather and views this time...

Tomorrow he should be at carters gap shelter...he was planning to bivy on Standing Indian summit but weather forecast thunderstorms for tomorrow evening so into carters gap where there are two shelters so should be plenty of shelter space...the new shelter at carters gap even has a "basement" you can sleep in ..

rock gap for saturday night and then sunday at rainbow springs where I am planning to meet him and walk about a bit myself

03-20-2004, 18:27
wahoooo!!..I'm packed and ready ..driving to franklin tonight to visit friends and then to Rainbow springs to see Red....