View Full Version : I feel much better now

03-19-2004, 16:14
with WhiteBlaze.net back up working....my whiteblaze FEVER addiction was getting out of control...thanks for getting it fixed ATTROLL

Hammock Hanger
03-19-2004, 16:25
I was starting to get the shakes myself...:rolleyes: HH

03-19-2004, 16:29
i'll be feeling even BETTER when I leave the house tommorrow to meet RED at Rainbow Springs and hike some myself..yahoo...

Jersey Bob
03-19-2004, 17:06
at least 10 characters

Jersey Bob
03-19-2004, 17:07
at least 10 characters

03-19-2004, 17:23
And I thought it was only me who kept checking in to see if things were back up yet...

03-19-2004, 17:26
- Anyone know of a good 12-step program for whiteblaze addicts?!

I trying a long hike.....

Big Dawg
03-19-2004, 18:43
You don't realize how much you love something til it's gone,,,, feeling better now that I have my whiteblaze back : - ))