View Full Version : 1st day of Spring

03-20-2004, 09:52
Well, I've just about bored to death all my none hiking friends and family with the story of starting my Thru-hike on the first day of Spring, 2000...again.

So I thought I'd mention it here, where good people appreciate what spring is about.

To celebrate the event, I think I'll stuff 54lbs of gear in my pack, climb the little hill in my back yard, make myself some mac'n'cheese, dump about 15lbs of useless stuff on the ground and have a good laugh about it (the folding saw was particularly dumb). This ought to leave me refreshed and my gear ready a little hiking.

I gotta get out of here.......anybody out there gonna be on Springer come April Fool's day?

To this years thru-hikers, I wish you love, luck, laughter... and lots of magic. There just ain't nothing like it.