View Full Version : will MSR bottle will fit the Optimus Nova ?

Roee Dotan
03-23-2004, 04:14
I wonder guys, will the MSR Titan 800 Titanium Fuel Bottle will the Optimus Nova Multi-Fuel stove ?

Bcoz if so, I am thinking to get this stove.
Bcoz I already have the bottle, and it is perfect for me, the size, the weight, everything.

So I wonder if it will fit the Optimus Nova.

What da ya think ?

03-23-2004, 08:18

got this from the MSR site:

Ultra-lightweight titanium fuel bottle can be used with any MSR stove in place of a standard MSR fuel bottle.. Titanium is lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel. Screw-on cap features an O-ring...

this from the OPTIMUS site:

Fuel options:

white gas or,

kerosene (paraffin) or,

diesel fuel or,

jet (aviation) fuel or,

rape seed (colza) fuel or,

auto gasoline (petrol)


Optimus Nova Fuel Pump,
Optimus 600 ml / 20 oz fuel bottle,
Cleaning wand/maintenance wrench,
Extra O-rings,

i'd say......."gor fer it!" :D

Roee Dotan
03-23-2004, 10:26
But does it means that it will fit the Optimus ?

03-24-2004, 06:30
But does it means that it will fit the Optimus ?


I'm NOT a gear geek from REI...so, i dont know 100%...but, i'd say since both have standard "O" ring connectors...the answer would be "YES".

good luck with your hike. :D

Roee Dotan
03-25-2004, 17:14

So I suppose it will fit.

Btw, is white gas available all around USA?
Lets say I am going to nevada or whatever, there should be no problems to get what gas ?