View Full Version : Parking at Wallace Gap vs Rock Gap

03-23-2004, 14:29
Finishing our section hike from Dicks Creek. Where will be the best place to leave our car ? Wallace or Rock Gap. Is there a better spot to park .... I do not want another Unico event. I need to tell Wes where I will meet for my shuttle.

03-23-2004, 14:47
What happen at Unicoi Gap and when?


papa john
03-23-2004, 14:49
I don't know of any parking at Wallace Gap, Rock Gap would be the next place to park a car and the trail runs pretty well close to it.

Ankle Bone
03-23-2004, 15:05
You can park at Rainbow Springs 1 mile down from Wallace on old 64. It's $5 a day but secure.

03-23-2004, 16:00
My car and several others were broken into..this is a real problem at Unico..and has been for the past year. There is little protection at this location..large area and heavy road traffic..also it is not covered by Fed. law.it is public prop.