View Full Version : hammock for two?

03-23-2004, 18:04
is there a hammock made for two?

03-23-2004, 18:18
Check out Campmor, they have a couple of double hammocks but they weigh as much as a good two man tent.

03-23-2004, 19:53
is there a hammock made for two?
Hennessy makes a hammock that will hold two. I made a Speer type hammock that held the 350 pounds of my wife and I.

Other than a short nap, I have not been able to sleep in a hammock with my wife. I have heard anticdotes of hammock loving pairs who have mastered this, but have not heard first hand of anyone who can do this in a camping hammock. In general, we find that lying side by side there is a lot of pressure. It is more comfortable to almost lay on top of one another.

The best set-ups we have found seem to be hammocks side by side, where the couple can whisper to each other and reach across to touch. This has been done by tying the hammocks to opposite sides of the same two trees or by using 3 trees. Often a single tarp can be used for both hammocks. Ed Speer has published several pictures of his use of three trees. I have a page devoted to the subject: