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TJ aka Teej
10-18-2008, 06:22
The 14th was a class 2 day, clouded over with wind and icy spots on the Tableland. Several thruhikers were finishing that day, including the English Muffins and the Cincy Boys. Chip was number 471, I think. Saw a medium sized black bear near the Owl trailhead. The Birches were empty the 14th, no GAMERs in the Park at all that night. Cold weather continued, it cleared off and dipped down to 30 at Chimney Pond over night. The bright moon was absolutley brilliant. The morning of the 15th I drove over to the Roaring Brook side, hiked into Chimney Pond, took the cut-off over to Blueberry Knoll, and up to Hamlin Peak. Empty, quiet trail under a glorious blue sky, could see hikers away over at the sign on Baxter Peak clearly, watched and heard a float plane miles away on Katahdin Lake. Took a side trip to Sandy Stream pond on the way back to the trailhead to look for moose, but some older gents were on the boardwalk making loud noises they must've thought were moose calls of some kind. No moose there, of course. Another Class 2 day, due to ice and wind. No ATers climbed the 15th, but one pulled into Katahdin Stream after dark, the last ATer to stay overnight in '08. Showed some Bates college kids the moose in the parking lot, which they immediately scared off. Visited with the Rangers and a nice guy who is on the Baxter Park Advisory, warmed up by good company, a glowing wood stove, and hot out of the oven brownies. On the 16th (another Class 2) hiked a new Park trail that'll be open for next season, and did a wee bit of trail work. Talked Companion/shop with some more Baxter folk, sweet-as-pie Linda at Abol Bridge, and some old friends in Greenville and Monson. Saw six kilt moose, and six live moose between Abol and Monson. Made it home for an anniversary lobster feast and ate cake. Nice end of camping season trip to Baxter.

10-18-2008, 06:27
Good stuff!

Would you share what/where the new trail is? Pm if need be...

Don't want to think I've missed something.

TJ aka Teej
10-21-2008, 18:28
Some pictures posted: