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03-23-2004, 19:59
My father is out of shape and is looking for a training plan to get ready to possibly section hike CT with me in July. Any good ideas for a training plan (other than walk a lot :) )

03-23-2004, 20:55
I am planning on a section hike (Approach Trail included) in another month or so myself. We have an 8.3 mile trail at a local state park that has one 'hike in' campsite along a creek about half way in. My son and I (I'm 43, he's 13) have hiked here a couple of times to kinda get the rust off and test our gear. My first time out, we both had way to much junk in our packs and it weighed a ton... you know, essentials like gameboys, CD players, snacks, deck of cards, digital cameras, you name it, we carried it! As if it needs to be said, we were both new at this. Since that first time, I have scoured the internet in search of how-to's on lightweight hiking. I highly recommend a short/medium lenght overnight trip (or even one in your backyard) to test your gear and see what works and what you actually need or don't need. I have knocked off over 20 lbs from my first trip. As far as excercising preparation for a hike, I use a treadmill with the setting on max incline and sometimes use some weight on my back to simulate a backpack. Enjoy the time with your dad, you will always remember it!

03-23-2004, 23:26
My son and I will be section hiking Hot Springs to Erwin in about 2 weeks. I struggle with the long down grades. I found that a little weight training for the legs helps…squats, leg presses, anything that gets the quads burning really helps. Perhaps unorthodox, but I train by walking up hill backwards to strengthen further the mussels used when going down hill. I am 45 and my 14 year old son and I just went on a training walk today. We shouldered packs loaded to about 75% of what we will carry and hiked a very hilly 3-1/2 mile rout. I think the more hill training you and your dad can get the better prepared you will be for your summer trip. Good luck!

03-23-2004, 23:39

Jersey Bob
03-24-2004, 10:59
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