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10-19-2008, 08:12
I spent the day yesterday with a group of about 22 volunteers finishing up a relocation just south of Petoskey, MI. In Sept. a similar group had started the work. This is a relocation to move the trail off of a back road, into the woods and involved extensive side hill construction. The trail was moved from the road onto Grand Traverse Conservancy and City of Petoskey properties, all heavily wooded ridge with some great views. This was the culmination of a couple of years of planning and work by many folks. Private funds were donated for the Conservancy to purchase and hold the property until the City Government can arrange to purchase it at some point in the future. This section of trail is permanently protected!

The Volunteers for the two weekends came from both the Tittabawassee Chapter (it's in their stretch of trail) and the Harbor Springs Chapter of the North Country Trail Association, as well as MANY local volunteers who have not previously worked with the NCT. It's really GREAT to see this local excitement and participation. They were SHOCKED at how quickly the trail was on the ground with many hands and the proper tools and know-how. The time-consuming part is getting the permissions and easements.

The trail is built, all that's left to do is the blazing. 4600 miles, one mile at a time!!!

A big thank-you to all the on-the-ground trail builders/maintainers out there, and also to the many more who work behind the scenes, doing the preliminary foot work. No pun intended. :)

Rowdy Yates
10-19-2008, 08:29
THANK YOU for this great report Lyle. I live just South of this area and I may drive up and check it out. Keep up the great work ALL who are involved.

10-19-2008, 21:43
This is great news, more trail to go explore! Thanks for the update!