View Full Version : Actual terminus at Pt Reyes?

Mrs Baggins
10-19-2008, 15:40
Does anyone know if there is an actual spot that the ADT terminates, where hikers dip in the sea? I know it's on a particular beach but that beach is pretty long - is there a marker for the end of the trail or is it just anywhere on the whole beach?? I'm asking because I have relatives in CA that could be at the end to see Lion King end his hike on Nov 5th but as they point it, they can't be running up and down miles and miles of beach to find him.

Lion King
10-22-2008, 13:13
Limantour Beach, the western terminus of the American Discovery Trail.

Thats all I know for now.

I plan on finishing the morning of NOV 5th. I guess I will be camped near there the night before.

Probably within 2 or 3 miles if thats possible.

an exact time to be announced when I know.