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Roee Dotan
03-25-2004, 11:49
Hey again friends.

Do the resupply points along the trail usually requires a lift from the trail and back to it ?

Thank you, Roee.

Lone Wolf
03-25-2004, 12:43
Yes. The majority of them do.

The Old Fhart
03-25-2004, 12:49
Roee Dotan,
If you can get a copy of the ThruHiker's Handbook, the Thru-Hikers Companion, or the A.T. data book they all have information on what services are available at or near road crossings. A lot of the resupply points require some walking or getting a ride. The information these books list is like: "At route 66, Joe's grocery, West 2 miles. Good for long term supply. Pay phone and shuttle available." All three books have overlapping information so if you need the information with you only one book is required and which one you choose is kind of a personal preference. You can find a description of these books at:http://www.atctrailstore.org/. The A.T. Companion can be downloaded in PDF format from http://www.aldha.org/comp_pdf.htm. Also once you are on the trail you will find other hikers who have information about the various resupply points.

03-25-2004, 14:27
South of Damascus, I only had to hitch to Fontana Village, which is about 3 miles off the trail down a road. I walked half of it before getting a lift from a ridgerunner. But, I went from Walasi-Yi straight to NOC, which I understand many (or most) people do not do. I also went from Erwin straight to Damascus. In Erwin, Uncle Johnny's is right on the trail, but you can't resupply from there (you can send yourself a box, but you'll have to look in an old Companion to get the address as UJ has gotten himself removed from the Companion).

I was looking over the resupply possibilities for Damascus north a few weekends ago incase I am on trail this spring. It didn't look like I'd have to hitch more than a few times south of the PA-NJ line. But, I don't mind hiking 150 miles between resupply points, given the distance I tend to cover in a typical day. The Companion is a very good way of finding where and when you might have to hitch and from a quick perusal it seems like the AT requires much less hitching than the PCT.

03-25-2004, 14:44
The A.T. Companion can be downloaded in PDF format from http://www.aldha.org/comp_pdf.htm.

...for free.

Jack Tarlin
03-25-2004, 14:45
Re. Chris' comments:

Don't send a maildrop to Uncle Johnny's unless you plan on staying there; over the years, he has acquired a well-deserved track record for being rather brusque, if not downright rude, towards folks who visit his facilities who are not overnight guests; more than a few folks have had delays or problems in getting their mail promptly (or at all) when they've made it clear they are not planning to overnight.

As far as Chris' other comments re. re-supply in Virginia, he's correct: In many places (Damascus, Rural Retreat/Atkins, Pearisburg, Linden, etc.,) you can walk to re-supply. In other cases (Bland, Glasgow, Waynesboro, etc.) a short hitch is necessary. In nearly every case, the hitching in Virginia is easy, and you shouldn't have to wait long for a ride.

03-25-2004, 14:54
Jack's right about Erwin/Johnnies, tho I suspect you would start from Damscus going north. You could haul the whole way to Pearisburg, supplementing with snacks and meals at Partnership shelter, the store/restraunt at Rural Retreat and a short walk down to Trents Grocery at VA 606. Woodshole Hostel will probably be open that late in the season.

I'm not a huge fan of Pearisburg because of how spread out it is, and the fact that the free hostel, although extremely nice and FREE, is practically in another neighborhood far from any hiker service. If I were to do it again (supposing i was hiking later in the yr) I would stay the night at the hostel, hike the 10 miles to the shumate bridge/new river which is where you would hitch and go and resupply at the big supermarket right ON the Trail and head up the 7 miles to Rice Field which is a georgous spot for sunsets.

From there you could easily pack the 100 miles to Daleville where there are pretty much all hiker services on the Trail or .3 off at most (outfitter, motels, restraunts and huge supermarket). You again could pick up snacks/meals in Catawba and 4 pines hostel

From Daleville it would be another 150 miles to Waynsboro, which may probably be the only place you would need to hitch on the whole trip. No problems here, one of the friendliest towns/areas on the whole AT.

Harpers Ferry then Duncannon PA and ending at Delaware Water Gap are all roughly 100-150 mile stretches where you would not need to hitch. Plus there are tons of opportunities for quick meals and snacks once you get past the Mason Dixon.


The Old Fhart
03-25-2004, 17:38
I agree Waynesboro is generally an easy hitch but if you don't want to take a chance on catching a ride from Rockfish Gap at odd hours there is (or has been for years) a pay phone right there where Howard Johnson's use to be and a cab is a sure thing and fast. It is going to cost you but it is an option if you don't want to thumb.

03-26-2004, 09:20
Hey again friends.

Do the resupply points along the trail usually requires a lift from the trail and back to it ?

Thank you, Roee.

It really depends on how you plan it. As others have posted, it's possible to resupply without a lift in many places. However, there are places where a lift is very handy. As others have posted, get the ALDHA Companion and do some planning.