View Full Version : Thanks to all

10-27-2008, 20:42
Just returned from taking my wife out for three days and two nights on the trail a little south of Damascus walking up to town. We did it as a shake out for my thru attempt starting early next year and to introduce her to hiking. I want to say thanks to everyone on WB who's advise I learned from, to Lonewolf for offering parking (used Mt. Roger's instead due to confusion with cars), to the 9 SOBO hikers we met, to the various other hikers (Hiker Head, Kerosine, etc...) we met, and to the gentlemen at Mt. Rogers. All of you not only re-affirmed my desire for my stroll in the spring but more importantly you made my wife feel welcome... she may not do a thru but she enjoyed it despite the cold. Thanks again... Grumpy

10-27-2008, 21:12
It was good to run into you too Grumpy. Thanks for the water you shared with me. Your wife impressed me with her willingness to get out there and to give it a try and her good attitude. Good luck on your Thru-hike next year. We busted butt to get to Damascus in time for a cheeseburger at Dots, we got there at 5:30, they close at 7 but said the grill had already been cleaned up....no cheeseburger for us.