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10-27-2008, 21:44
Where does the PCT officially start and finish, both right at the border? Does a person actually have to cross into Canada to finish the hike or does it end officially at the border? Do you actually start right on the Mexican border?

Jim Adams
10-27-2008, 22:04
starts at the Mexican border and ends past the Canadian border in Manning Park.


10-27-2008, 22:27
Not specifically about the PCT but close enough. You can usually find this in the used book store for a few bucks.


10-28-2008, 10:14
You don't have to go into Canada, but the nearest US road from the border monument is about 30 miles back from where you came at Harts Pass. Hitching from there is possible, but might take a while. Alternatively, you could hike back to Holman Pass and pick up the Pacific Northwest Trail down to Ross Lake and Ross Dam, where hitching on HWY 20 would be easier. This would add about 50 miles onto your hike at the end.

Most people go into Canada since it is only another 8 miles or so to Manning Park, where there is a resort to play at. The Greyhound comes by and you can catch a ride into Vancouver. There is no immigration check at the border, though you are supposed to fill out forms and get approval in advance. You'll need a passport or a drivers license and birth certificate to get back into the US.

10-28-2008, 10:58
The PCT is entirely within the borders of the USA. The southern terminus is about 1 mile south of Campo, a few yards inside the US border. Walk over to the fence and put your foot through onto Mexican soil. The northern terminus is at the northern border of the US.

Think of the extra 8 miles from the northern terminus to Manning Park Lodge as sort of an unofficial "International PCT". :-?