View Full Version : G-I distress after town visits

03-26-2004, 22:50
I've read numerous accounts of hikers seized with abdominal cramping and diarrhea after town stays. Too much rich greasy town cuisine after days of trail rations? Or just bad trail hygeine finally catching up? Is this what we can expect? (someone please say no).

03-26-2004, 23:02
A combination of both. Use good trail hygiene, filter all water, and don't go crazy in town with greasy and high sugar foods and you will be fine.

03-27-2004, 00:06
GI problems after a town visit are probably due to someone elses poor hygiene.
According to Meuser's book, even the feared giardia probably comes from other people.

Pete Hoffman

03-27-2004, 09:12
I encountered such a fit only during/after my first 2-3 town stops. I believe that it was due to the shock of diet transition (moderate grease before the trail, no grease at all on the trail, moderate grease at town stops), and general shock of going from sedentary to an extremely active lifestyle in the course of one day.


max patch
03-27-2004, 09:56
No problems here.

Hammock Hanger
03-27-2004, 10:32
I experienced zero problems and a big Bacon double cheeseburger was always a must when in town. Along with fresh veggies and fruit. -- I did not filter or treat my water, maybe I just have a cast iron stomach. HH

03-27-2004, 14:47
Stomach problems were only an issue it seemed for hiker up until Damascus. The Erwin-Kincorra bug was spreading, probably just due to close contact among hikers and probably a sketchy water source. I wouldn't be worried though. Treat your water, always wash your hands after going to the bathroom (a small bottle of purell hand soap will last hundreds of miles) and don't go crazy on food in town. I think the majority of folks get sick from not washing their hands or sharing food.

I don't think the grease from town food is a huge problem but it can be a shock to the system. It seemed to take me a while to figure out how to eat in town. No joke. I found the first couple of town stops I couldn't control myself and would eat to the point of nasuea and regret it. After awhile I figured out how to pace. Just be smart and it'll all be ok

Moon Monster
03-28-2004, 00:11
I think it's also possible to simply eat so much that you are distressed for a day after town--not really sickness or a bug, just lots of food. Some of us in 2003 dubbed this the "city-shi*ies."

Kozmic Zian
03-28-2004, 00:22
:oYea.....The Sh***. Invariably you will get them. It's the shock to the digestive from Trail Food, Town Food, Trail Food, Town Food.....over and over. The Trail Food is bland, the Town Food is rich. Plus, the inevitable do do on the hands. That's almost impossible to prevent. Who washes hands all the time in the woods? Nobody. You will get the sh***, if you hike distance on the AT. If you don't, you're one of the lucky ones, or have a cast iron gut.

Best way to deal with the sh***, is to carry adequate paper, and some Johnson's Baby powder. Hope you don't get the 'Deadly Chafe', and keep it clean back there. Good luck, and good [email protected]