View Full Version : Water between Watuaga Dam and Damascus

Jay B.
10-30-2008, 10:59
Would appreciate any information concerning how the water sources are on the stretch between Watauga and Damascus. Is there a spring you know for certain that is flowing and where exactly. Anyone travelled this stretch in the last week? Also how is the color in the area? I am thinking the weekend of 11/08/08 might be peak. Thanks Jay B.

Lone Wolf
10-30-2008, 11:00
it's dry as hell. carry lots of water

10-30-2008, 13:39
The color in SNP was bad this year. Green leaves all over the ground. I was disappointed.

Cabin Fever
10-30-2008, 14:13
Color is past peak in the Cherokee National Forest. Most leaves are starting to fall off. Color was decent this year, but a lot of green fell on the ground. As for water, consider stashing some at TN91. Other than the spring at Double Springs Shelter, water is pretty scarce for this whole stretch.