View Full Version : Flip Flop Variations

Saluki Dave
03-28-2004, 20:28
I was thinking that a flip flop beginning in Damascus might be a good alternative. If you timed the start around mid April, you'd be in with the main body of NOBOs and have the advantage of starting with slightly easier terrain. You'd summit Katahdin in late August or September and have 6 more weeks with the SOBOs, hopefully with some nice fall colors in the Smokies and be done by Thanksgiving. Thoughts/comments?

03-28-2004, 20:34
SOunds pretty good to me. Start in the nicest/friendliest trail town. You'd get passed but also have continous company from NOBO's for months. If you started SOBO from Damascus in late august early sept, you'd be pretty far ahead of the "pack" of SOBO's if you can call them that. Figure it takes most SOBO's about a month from Damascus to Springer and the majority seem to finish late nov/early Dec. Still a great plan weather wise, easing into terrain and seeing people.

03-29-2004, 21:26
This seemed to be fairly common as I read the shelter registers in the Roanoke area last fall. I recall a couple and two solo hikers who had started from the Roanoke area in April and were finishing up in mid-October.

03-30-2004, 09:40
I tend to think that the pack of NOBO is in Damascus around Trail Days, which is mid May. So, starting there in mid April, you will be ahead of the pack, although still in the company of others.

Mid April is a great time to start anywhere in Virginia.