View Full Version : Equinox Ultralight Bivy? Event fabric bivy?

11-05-2008, 18:44
Anyone use one of these? How is the breathability? Durability?

Considering it to use when tarping or single wall shelter in humid conditions.

Great price and weight right now at Backcountry Gear - $48 and 6 oz.

Another question:

How is Event fabric for breathability in a bivy?

11-05-2008, 19:34
I haven't used that bivy, but eVent is cutting edge, and most people I know say it can not be beat for breathe ability.
I am getting ready to replace my winter shell with a shell from Integral Designs made of eVent and may get one of their bivys' soon.
All my mountaineering friends say you can't beat eVent.

11-05-2008, 20:52
eVent is pretty high tech for a waterproof fabric -- but it's nowhere near as breathable as Momentum 90 or Pertex Quantum. If you're going to use it under a tarp, go for the most breathable top fabric you can find. Waterproofness is secondary -- both of those fabrics are extremely water resistant anyway. You can get the Momentum 90 fabric from www.thru-hiker.com and make your own with a silnylon bottom for less than 50 bucks.

11-05-2008, 21:50
i use a titanium goat ptarmagin bivy. Its top is Intrepid, this is their description:
Intrepid is a 20 denier micro rip-stop fabric that weighs 1oz per square yard. Intrepid is DWR treated with a cire
finish one side, making it very water resistant while maintaining good breathability. Intrepid is similar in weight,
breathability, and appearance to Pertex Quantum, with better water resistance. Made in the USA

I find it hard to believe that a fabric can be more water resistant yet just as breathable as another. Usually one comes at the expense of the other. But, it breathes well.

I have heard that event and goretex are the most breathable fabrics that can be considered highly water resistant. not sure though.

11-05-2008, 22:56
Event is as breathable as Momentum and completely waterproof. It is more breathable than both Epic and Pertex over a wide range of temperatures. I have used it in several bivies and never once had condensation. It simply works.

11-05-2008, 23:27
I have that bivy. Slept in it Friday night.

It is fairly breathable. In Florida, though, condensation can form anywhere, on anything, and DOES. Friday, for instance, it was clear and in the low 40s. LOTS of condensation on the part of my quilt that was exposed and on the exterior of the Bivy (as well as on the ground!). Inside, however was dry. I think it's a bargain, with one caveat:

I move around a good bit at night. This causes the zipper to come down and drafts can come in.

I love the zipper for convenience, but this part is a nuisance.

11-06-2008, 02:05
EVent is the top of the line in truely waterproof highly breathable fabrics, but it is usually pricey. Great fabric for bivys. I'm not familiar with the EVent that U R looking at, but I would inquire as to how many plys or layers it has because some forms of EVent R 2 PLY and some R 3 ply. The 2 ply is lighter wt., less durable, and breathes slightly better, although any type of EVent is highly breathable..

Think about how U want to use a bivy. R U going to use as a stand alone or in conjunction with some type of shelter, like a tarp? Is it going to be used in abrasive alpine conditions requiring higher durability or on the AT? If it is to be used with a tarp all U probably need is a water resistant fabric bivy like the ones made with fabric like bigcranky has already mentioned. I currently have EVent and Momentum 90 fabric bivys. I've been very happy with both under a wide range of conditions. I've found the Momentum 90 fabrics to be highly breathable and highly water resistant.