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steve hiker
03-31-2004, 01:07
During my last hike on the AT, I encountered a couple of interesting hikers. Their trail names were Bong and BeeATch. I did not stop to talk with them because they did not seem to be typical AT hikers. However, as I began to hike past them, they asked me if I would stop a minute and listen to their story. I was reluctant to listen partially because they were sitting unclothed in the snow.

Then I thought, they are AT hikers and will have something interesting to say and I will learn from the experience. So I stopped and listened...

Bong heading north and BeeATch hiking south first met in New Hampshire at the Velvet Rocks shelter. They were the only two hikers at the shelter that night. In their conversation they confided that they both loved to smoke pot and then make love after hiking all day, and that they'd never met any other AT hiker with similar passions.

So after a wild, lustful, psychedelic night, Bong decided to change direction and hike south with BeeATch. As they talked over breakfast, Bong asked BeeATch if they were heading north or south. BeeATch laughed, but could not remember. So they headed north. This pattern repeated itself over and over several times.

The leaves changed color. The snows began. No food. No water. Eventually they smoked all their pot, but not before they lost their gear and all of their clothing.

After a while, the fog cleared and they realized that they were out of pot and food. They would have gone back into Hanover for food, water and clothing, but their naked butts had frozen to the trail. This is why they were sitting there in the snow when I met them, but they were not stoned - just cold and wondering what to do next.

I wished them luck and left them my Snickers Bars and the few joints I had left. I wonder what happended to them, and if anyone else remembers them.

03-31-2004, 07:57
Horse w NO Name...

sounds like an interesting pair....never heard of 'em!

don't know if i'd have believed their story...probably shared a joint with them (a few years ago when i still smoked!) but NEVER try to get my SNICKERS stash! :D

Lone Wolf
03-31-2004, 08:02
That same story was posted on Trailplace by a different person. No truth to it.

steve hiker
03-31-2004, 16:37
No, it happened to me. That person was telling MY story.

Lone Wolf
03-31-2004, 16:41
Bulldinky :)

03-31-2004, 18:57
Maybe they are still out there... wandering the trail.

Maybe they're the reason there have been Sassquatch sitings in the East.

03-31-2004, 19:07
You know, if this story were true, it would be pretty sorry of you to just leave 2 people, out in the middle of nowhere, exposed in cold weather.

Dances with Mice
03-31-2004, 19:33
During my last hike on the AT, I encountered
<blah, blah, blah snipped>

Yeh right.

The site ought to have a "Troll of the Month" Award. There's been several candidates make appearances recently. This wasn't even a particularly good one.

Maybe "Trowel of the Month?"