View Full Version : Looking for Info on Hostels N. of Smokies

11-14-2008, 19:31
I am looking for information on the hostels and stores just north of the Smokey Mountain National Park near Waterville School Rd & I-40. On my map I see two and assume one is Mountain Mama and one is Standing Bear Farm. Does anyone know which is which? If they are still open? Can I resupply enough to get the next 30 miles to Hot Springs?

I appreciate any help as I am planning my thru for next Feb and want to go straight through the Smokies if I can from Fontana Dam without exiting to Gatlinberg if possible.

11-14-2008, 19:54
last i knew mountain mamas was closed curtis at standing bear has food for sale in season or will shuttle to town call to check

papa john
11-14-2008, 20:08
Mountain Mama (Moma) is definitely closed. Standing Bear Farm is open and going strong.

11-14-2008, 20:44
Thanks... would anyone have the number to standing bear? I am coming a little early in the year and want to ensure they are open.

papa john
11-14-2008, 21:22