View Full Version : quick, sos, 911 !! shoes ! before I fly !!

Roee Dotan
03-31-2004, 16:32
I am flying in less than 48 hours and I just read an article that says that shoes are actually getting SMALLER while hiking the AT becuase of the rain amounts or something.
But that's against what we are used to think, that after a while the shoe gets bigger and wider.

It is just a weird coincidence, but I have the same ASOLO shoes in 2 pair. One size of them is a bit bigger than the other one and I have a bit space in it.
The other one is one zise smaller and I feel the pinky touches the side of the shoe a little bit, and while I go downhill I feel the fingers touching the end of the shoe.

Which shoes between those I should go with ? the smaller one or the bigger one ? will the shoe will get smaller or bigger ?


03-31-2004, 16:40
I'd go with the larger ones now (your toes shouldn't brush the edge of the shoe when going downhill, or you'll get all kinds of nasty blue toenails).

If your feet change while on the trail, they're likely to get larger from the weight of the pack and the continual pounding. If/when you need to get boots on the trail, many of the trailside outfitters are really good at getting a proper fit.


03-31-2004, 20:16
Go with the larger shoe. You're foot will swell up some. Just get thicker socks to start with.