View Full Version : Cherokee Forest - Pond Mountain Trail

Tennessee Viking
11-16-2008, 01:58
I was trailhead hunting the other day, I found the trailheads for Pond Mtn Trail. But when I attempted to climb from the lakeside end, I ended up crawling into a wall of rodo at the wilderness boundary and a soon to be development approaching the trail to one side. Anybody tried climbing Pond Mtn Trail from the lakeside, and how to find the proper route up?

I did find the upper trailhead on USFS 50 above Dennis Cove, and was wondering how far does the old logging road go before the trail supposedly turns into rugid & steep ridgecrest. Had some really great views for the small walk I did.

Skelton's Cherokee Forest Hiking Guide says you can cross over to the AT at Pond Flats somehere around the old Bear Stand camp. Is it hikeable?

11-16-2008, 11:11
Those rodo walls are tough. I hit one last week tring to find a back door to rattle snake ridge trail, below unaka mt.