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11-23-2008, 11:59
Mornin....I've been reading this site for a year and dreaming of backpacking. I've been camping and hunting since I was kid so I'm not new to the woods. Finally decided to commit and hike the eagle rock loop this spring. Problem is my wife (we're newlyweds as of Tuesday) wants to come with me and she has only been camping once. Do yall think this trip might be a bit much for her first time. Any opinions are appreciated.

Many Thanks

Lone Wolf
11-23-2008, 12:02
no, not at all. i know people who never backpacked go on to hike the whole AT

11-23-2008, 12:39
I'd say, respect her enthusiasm and plan to include her. But do be diligent in planning (don't forget some essential that causes a negative experience) and keep her pack to 20 lbs or less, so that her first impression is a positive one. Spring can produce unpredictable weather also. In April of 2007 I woke up to an 18* morning in NC just south of Albert Mtn on the AT! Plan your time to go but be flexible if the forecast a day or two prior is not favorable, and postpone for a few days.

Make sure you thoroughly discuss with her that light weight = enjoyment, and that essentials and 'nice-to-haves' should be well thought out and balanced. Then take her along and enjoy being newly weds! :)

11-23-2008, 13:41
Thanks for the response. Thats what I'm worred about is her enjoyment of the hike. I want her to have a good experience with it so she'll continue to hike and camp with me. I told the nights are gonna be DARK and COLD but she seems ok with it. I think i'll put if off a few months till its a little warmer.

11-23-2008, 13:46
Late April thru May, when timed right with spring-like weather is the perfect time, IMHO. There's plenty of daylight at that time also, though obviously not as much as June. If you wait too long into the warm weather, then you have more bugs to deal with . . . something to consider as far as enjoyment goes also.

11-23-2008, 15:31
keep the miles low along with her backpack weight. too many miles will only make for a negative experience. most of all remember you are hiking with your significant other..

11-23-2008, 17:07
I agree with the advice given so far, all very good !! When my wife and I hike or overnight we make plans for a good outing. We plan: what we need to carry (less is better), how many miles we will hike each day, where we will camp, our menu, where the water source will be and so on.

Take your time out there and remember that this will be her first outing and by all means try to "plan out" your trip and hike as a couple (team).
Be patient.

Happy Trails,

11-23-2008, 18:15
Flip side of the coin here - and I like it. I usually hear about non-hiking partners being jealous. How nice!

Tell your wife to hop on board and you both have fun.

If she decides it's too much, don't make apologies. Remember...we each have our own reasons for hiking.

Get a physical prior to hiking.

I hope you both have the time of your life-and a little romance :sun

11-23-2008, 20:54
Great you want to do things together. Take it one step at a time. Easy trail and get used to the idea of backpacking and the camping involved with that. Maybe even one overnight at first. Or start with a few day hikes.

11-23-2008, 22:18
keep the miles low along with her backpack weight. too many miles will only make for a negative experience. most of all remember you are hiking with your significant other..

Buy her a nice, cushy pad to sleep on. That often makes all the difference in the world to a new hiker. Big Agnes makes a nice inflatable pad, both insulated and non insulated. Exped makes some nice ones, too. Since you'll still be newlyweds (in my book, married 27+ years), I think it's too early to convince her to try a hammock. ;)

Dry, warm, well fed, and a comfy rack. What else could you ask for?

11-24-2008, 00:28
My wife and I backpack together and I recommend it. It's great to make memories together.

11-26-2008, 11:22
I'd like to thank everyone for your opinions and I'm gonna try to make her as comfortable as possible. Cause I really like the fact that she's willing to try it with me. Maybe she'll start liking the woods as much as me. :banana

Thanks again,,,,

11-26-2008, 17:52
my girl never hiked in her life before we met. she goes out on day hikes w/ me but really only likes flat and well maintained trails (kind of the opposite of what i prefer). i made the mistake of taking her on a pretty rough trail and she didn't go back out with me for a few months. i agree w/ the others, wait for nice weather, start out nice and easy (state parks are nice b/c they offer good views, have toilets, and easy trails if desired). i bought her a nice pad and bag and she hasn't used them outside of sleeping outside the house to test em out. truthfully i think she doesn't really want to stay out overnight but offers to b/c i want her to. so i keep it to dayhikes w/ her and do my longer/overnight hikes solo

11-30-2008, 18:13
Do some hiking in advance to just get her used to it and then if she wants then go for it. Because I hike a lot I remember once when my wife wanted to go for a walk and I told her I new a nice easy hike in the woods. Just two miles of easy walking and after about a half a mile I knew what was easy for me was not easy for her. It was mostly uphill but to be honest I never noticed it before as i have hiked it many times.

11-30-2008, 23:23
keep the miles low along with her backpack weight. too many miles will only make for a negative experience. most of all remember you are hiking with your significant other..

Well said. :sun

12-01-2008, 08:07
If I were you, I'd do some preparation leading up to the Big Adventure.

First, do a lot of dayhiking. Good physical preparation, of course, but also mental preparation to get used to walking along for a number of hours. She will also start figuring out which of her clothes and shoes work well in which sorts of weather.

Second, do at least one camping overnighter using the equipment you plan to bring on your longer hike. Lots of state parks and National Forests have semi-primitive campsites where you can go to make sure your packing list is complete and all your equipment works, and still have car backup available, in case you've messed up.

Congratulations on the wedding, and best wishes for many happy years ahead!

12-02-2008, 15:48
Go foe it, sounds like fun. Hiking is a good way to enjoy each other and see the sights.