View Full Version : Mt Rogers/Grayson Highlands Question

10-17-2002, 19:37
Can anyone help me out on this. Where does Grayson Highlands end and Mt Rogers begin?

Is the general area around Mt Rogers called Grayson Highlands and just the summit of the mountain called Mt. Rogers?

Or is Grayson Highlands the park area, like close to the roads, the campgraound ect?

In other words, is the whole trail around that area at Mt Rogers or Grayson Highlands?

What a mind twister this has become in my head


SGT Rock
10-17-2002, 19:50
Grayson Highlands is a state park that the AT passes through. It is SE of Mt Rogers proper. The trail to the summit is about 2 miles if I remember right, from Massie Gap parking area. Mt Rogers is on National Forest land adjacent to Grayson Highlands.

Grayson Highlands has camps, showers, a camp store, horse trails, etc. There weren't many hiking type things at all in the store as I remember it, it is more of a park office with sodas and snacks.

If you need more detailed info I have the ATC guide and maps somewhere in my collection.