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11-28-2008, 10:48
I hope I'm not being out of line, being new here. But I took an 18 mile hike yesterday(yes on Thanksgiving), and I had an idea, as most people are likely to do with 8 hours to think by themselves. I was wonderering if the A.T. had any official trail song associated with it? There is a particular song that I sing ( sorry, I do sing on the trail) almost everytime I go on a long hike. It's called the "The Wild Places" by the late Dan Fogelberg. Here are the lyrics

"The Wild Places"

I was walking alone through the lofty San Juans
With a heart full of light and a head full of songs
I was thinking of time and how much it will cost
To recapture the souls that we surely have lost
In the cities and towns there are millions who dream
But the traffic's so loud that you can't hear them scream
There's a heaven on earth that so few ever find
Though the map's in your soul and the road's in your mind
So many mountains before us, so many rivers to cross
Where is the wisdom to bring back the vision we've lost
Can we gaze with the wonder of children
Into the deafening night
Has it gotten so dark that we cannot remember the light
When you sleep on the ground with the stars in your face
You can feel the full length of the beauty and grace
In the wild places man is an unwelcome guest
But it's here that I'm found and it's here I feel blessed

Of course, I don't epect everyone on the trail to start sitting around the campfire and singing , but I just thought the words themselves tell a good story of someone who has also walked in, and obviously loved the woods. The "Lofty San Juans" line could be changed to "The Eastern Appalacians" if anyone cared to make it more geographically correct. I have sung it that way and it can be made to fit the tune (but I like it just the way it is). Any changes would ,of course, have to be approved by Dan's widow Jean. Some how I hope that she would be honored to have one of his songs live again with a special pupose. Anyhow, I'm sure the very nature of writing this suggestion will give folks pause about my sanity , but hey, hike your own hike, right?

"Nobody Knows The Trudgin I've Seen"

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Jim Adams
11-28-2008, 15:57
the "official" song is AFTERNOON DELIGHT....trust me, once you're out there and someone mentions THAT song...your mind is fried the rest of the day:)


Mrs Baggins
11-28-2008, 18:12
On the "Walking With Freedom" video there's a song that mentions the AT. Never watched the credits to find out more about it.

11-28-2008, 23:51
On the "Walking With Freedom" video there's a song that mentions the AT. Never watched the credits to find out more about it.

I think that would be "Appalachian Rain" by John Smith

You can hear it in full at

It is fro his CD, "Traveler" . . . all of the songs on the CD are good, IMHO.

04-14-2009, 22:59
words and music by Stone Monkey ga-me 99'

I,m not sure which weighs more, the load upon my back

or the weight i carry within me

The only thing i know is if i'm gonna go

Got to leave some burdens behind me

But if i make Damascus gonna be a jubilee

gonna gather my new friends all around me

Gonna be a big reunion, feels just like communion

Like i was lost and someone found me


If i make Damascus, if i make Damascus

Lord,won't that be one fine day

If i make Damascus, if i make Damascus

I believe i'll make it all the way

Every step i take my bones feel like they may break
Sweat pours down me like a river
I'm so far from home, many miles i walk alone
At night the cold winds make me shake and shiver
But if i make Damascus i'm gonna be a happy man
A little rest and relaxation for awhile
I'm gonna sing and dance all day, throw my cares away
Every face i see will wear a smile


Stone Monkey

04-14-2009, 23:06
tried to put the chords above the words but wouldn't work

04-14-2009, 23:18
The North Country Trail has its own ballad . . . I figured the AT would as well.