View Full Version : Two questions answered:

04-04-2004, 23:06
Someone asked about the Nunatak Balaclava....it is simply the warmest two ounces you can put on your head, for 2 oz. you will be amazed at how much loft it has. it is, like all their products, extremely well made...it is perfect sleep gear for the Ponderosa/CCC setup. It is price but when its 10F and lower who would care....in the hammock it does compress under the weight of your head so a small pad, or if you pad is long enough, or a fleecy or whatever is necessary below the head. I especially like it with any sleeping bag because if I turn my head I am still not breathing into the down.

Another asked about the fly in the pics of my hammock. The green fly is a Golite Cave2, I love the real estate under it but it is 18oz and after maybe 6 hikes we never used the real estate, so now I'm using a MacCat, via Brian MacMillan at yahoo hammock newsgroup..it too is well made and priced right, weighs 12oz. and is catenary cut.

Hope this helps....
tomorow a.m. we are off to Spivey Gap--->Nolichucky,,,my 6th time over this section...will report back of course.