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04-05-2004, 18:30
I have never tried a nights sleep on a hommock. I am curious. Has any one used one at home in favor of a mattress? Would you if you slept solo?


04-05-2004, 18:39

I just got to thinking that you'd need some trees or pretty strong columns in your house to pull that one off.

04-05-2004, 18:55
My wife thinks I am weird enough when I set up my hammock in the yard.
She would probably divorce me if I tried to set it up in the house.

04-05-2004, 19:27
Best to test hammocking as close to actual conditions as possible. Trees in the yard are preferred, or an over nighter nearby.

Have read posts of some using a hammock in the bedroom. The tough part is a secure tye-up that does not dammage walls (Tremendousside forces), or use of a hammock stand that was not designed for a camping hammock. Probably easier to just get ot in the woods.....certainly more fun.

My wife and neighbors all think I'm wierd hanging in the trees out back....if I have to explain they'll never understand. Then there is that comment about never growing up...Oh well that is their problem.

04-05-2004, 19:31
I just got a Hennessy hammock and after one night in it decided I would never go back to a tent. I've been sleeping outside for the past 6 weeks as it is to prepare for the AT and I'm not sure I'm going to want to go back to just a plain, boring bed just to sleep...

04-05-2004, 20:34
To answer your question. Yes I have set my HH up in the house and have slept in it there. I screwed two big hooks into oposite corners of my spare bedroom and hang my hammock off the hooks. In fact it is set up in there right now. I was playing with the idea of making an underquilt. I go in there an take naps in it once and a while.

04-06-2004, 11:50
I hang mine in the basement between a lolly post and a cast iron 6-inch drain pipe.

04-06-2004, 12:04
I hang mine in the basement between a lolly post and a cast iron 6-inch drain pipe.I feel bettter now. I thought I was the only weird one in the bunch here.

04-08-2004, 23:22
Back in 1973 when I was a poor student I slept in a hammock for several months (I couldn't affort a mattress). I was living in a quonset hut apartment, and the walls held up fine. I slept great, but eventually started having back aches. I'm a side sleeper though, and no one ever told me that I was supposed to sleep diagonally.

04-09-2004, 00:22
Due yourself a favor and get one of these:


There is a report somewhere of someone hammocking in a shelter and the shelter walls collapsing...dont know if it is true but Speer is very active about not hammocking in shelters for this reason....your home walls-typical 2x4 studs are not strong enough to take the lateral load a hammock delivers when loaded. The above hammockstand via Walmart is nice, one was in my bedroom for almost a year.

Having a hammockstand is also nice for testing tacos,underquilts, having someone get in it when you pin/clip material to the bottom for experiments/designs, etc.

the one from walmart is portable, breaking down easily to fit in a typical car (best if your backseat folds down)....

Now if I was building a house (am I'm in the process of starting a screen-in-poarch) I would plan for a hammock setup and use double studs with a plate on the back and a large eyebolt coming between the studs with the eye just beyond the anticipated sheet-rock level...this way the plate (also screwed into the studs) spreads the load on two studs and neither stud is split by the eyebolt...

Have mentioned this in the past, inhouse hammocking is cool--not fashion wise but temp wise,,,i found that I could forget the airconditioner when I slept and use only a very small fan....and even then needed an underquilt or pad.....

04-09-2004, 00:54
I don't think that hammock stand will be long enough for a HH or a Clarke. Maybe a Speer hammock might fit in it. Has anyone used one of these?

04-09-2004, 01:22
I have that hammock stand and use it with an HH Backpacker A-sym and the Extreme Light Racer, it also works with the CrazyCreekCrib which is very close to a Speer in dimensions.......

04-09-2004, 11:30
Hi gang,

A couple comments from my experience to add to the list of what has been done:

I do have a hammock tie up in a spare bedroom. I made mine by screwing a couple pieces of 2x4 to the walls, attaching each with 4 lag bolts to two in the wall 2x4s. It seems quite strong.


If someone wants to build a strong and inexpensive hammock stand, one can be made from building directions on my site.


The typical metal hammock stands, like those sold at WalMart work pretty well for hammocks with top entry (Speer, CrazyCreek, Clark. mine) but hang so low as to make it difficult to get in a HH. I saw people on their knees trying to figure this out.

Ed Speer has also posted a material set and directions for making a hammock stand out of 1.25 inch cast pipe. The directions are on the most recent Speer hammock camping newsletter. The pieces cost about a hundred dollars.

At the recent Hammock Hangers Hangout at Rainbow Springs, we ended up moving all the HHs to Ed's stands, using the lower commercial stands for Speer Hammocks.

04-09-2004, 13:26

Thanks for the step-by-step instructions. :sun What is needed next is how you tied up the HH. Your knots in the picture don't appear to be the normal HH knots.


04-10-2004, 08:58
What is needed next is how you tied up the hammock. Your knots in the picture don't appear to be the normal HH knots.


Your wish is my prompt... Already written, as it happens.

The knot is a variation of Ed Speer's 4 wrap knot. The version I do is illustrated here:


BTW, the room is a little small (9 ft), so the knot on the hammock is actually incorporated in the knot.

04-11-2004, 07:25
got on my knees to enter an HH A-sym via the Walmart stand....I just push up the hammock with my hands (into the air so-to-speak) and then drap the entrance slit over my head then enter....if you string it really tight it is a non issue....another plus of the Walmart stand is the amount of space it does take up when dissasembled...just dont loose the s-hooks.
I am defending the Walmart stand, not because I own Wally stock (I dont), its just simple, solid,compact for what it is, and fool proof, and for the money/time invested its a nobrainerwinner.

04-13-2004, 00:45
For those who may fear pulling in the walls you might find it easier to go into the attick and add a rafter or at least beef on up....

And, depending on what material is on the outside of your house you might put a plate on the outside to spread out the force.

Just thinking out loud.