View Full Version : Mt. Greylock conditions

12-02-2008, 21:10
Rime ice begins at 2,300 feet (or thereabouts). You can get as high as the campground shelters on Sperry Road from the Hopper trailhead , but any higher and I'd recommend crampons. It's pretty slick.

On the plus side, you'll have the entire mountain to yourself and there's plenty of wood stacked up near all the shelters should you wish to overnight there. (The Contact Station door is also unlocked should weather deteriorate and you need 4-sided shelter ... shhhhh don't tell anyone.)



12-03-2008, 11:12
I went up the Money Brook Trail as far as the falls a few days ago with no problem. I may be heading to the top this coming weekend, or else be on the Taconic Crest Trail, so will pack the crampons... just in case.

12-03-2008, 11:22

I descended via Hopper (precariously for a beginning hiker), but then used the cut-off over to the Money Brook Trail after descending down below the rime and getting much better footing. What a great trail that Money Brook is, huh? It was my first time on Mt. Greylock and I think I stumbled upon the best trail! What luck!

As for crampons, definitely bring them if you plan to summit on anything other than the roadways. The roads are still closed, and there are signs warning hikers not to use the roads for hiking, but there's nobody up there this time of year.

I've never taken the Taconic Crest Trail, so can't give you a heads up on that one. Sorry.