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12-09-2008, 00:18
i know this is probably a worn out topic around here, but here goes anyway. i use both a hammock and a tent depending on who is going with me. i have been using a hammock off the shelf at sportmans warehouse and am happy with it, however, i have been looking at the hennessy hammock and with the deal i read about i checked it out and got one. while thinking about the idea of getting one i have read a lot about them. the most common complaint i have read is about the rain-fly, that its too small.

what is the best after market rain-fly for the hennessy expidition and why.

thank you in advance for your answers.

12-09-2008, 01:45
You will want to check out OES


and I personally went with Warbonnet Gear Superfly with out the doors you can find his work over on

http://www.hammockforums.com (http://www.hammockforums.com/)

They both are cat cut tarps which means a tighter pitch and less noise in the wind.

12-09-2008, 01:57
I don't use a Hennessy, but do love my ENO DoubleNest. I prefer the Speer Winter Tarp from Speer Hammocks (http://www.speerhammocks.com) as my tarp of choice. It's lightweight, cat-cut, reasonably priced and PLENTY of coverage for protection from the elements. That and Ed Speer is just a plain old nice guy.

12-09-2008, 02:32
I'll second the ENO Doublenest and I'll second that the HH tarp is about useless.
I use a 10x12 sil tarp that I picked up from Campmor. It's huge and that's exactly what I want. I've made a few of my own using Wallie World fabric and had I known how easy it was to make a tarp...I never would have bought one.

12-09-2008, 08:24
OES tarps rock, Spinntex is available also. Buy slingshot tarp tensioners from JRB or make them using these directions:


If you go with a down underquilt (and you will if you hang in the cold) you MUST have a larger tarp to keep it dry. An alternative is the Hennessy Supershelter which uses a piece of shaped open-celled foam for insulation inside a silnylon outer cover. This cover eliminates worry about blowing rain, making the stock tarp suitable for that application. The comfort range for the Supershelter appears to be about freezing:


12-09-2008, 09:21
I used the speer tarp that came with the hammock and I was happy with it. Then I got the winter tarp when it came out and it's really nice! Cat cut to cut down on wind flapping noise and some extra loops on the bottom edges that let you pull the corners in to cut down on wind driven rain on the ends. Ed's kind personality doesn't make his tarp better but I agree with the previous post that Ed is a really nice person.;)

12-10-2008, 01:20
since some use the HH what is the duribility like? i dont tend to be careful with gear so is it rugid enough to not have to worry about, or is extra care needed?

kayak karl
12-10-2008, 07:32
since some use the HH what is the duribility like? i dont tend to be careful with gear so is it rugid enough to not have to worry about, or is extra care needed?
i just make sure i dont have anything sharp on me to puncture it and a set of snakeskins will help keep it clean.
for traps i have a 9-9 camo my son uses, JRB 11-10 i like the various was you can set it up (i added side pull taps)
will be getting the Warbonnet Gear Superfly in the mail in a few days:banana
i cut up my HH stock tarp and made a pair of mitten covers and stuff sacks, so a HH stock tarp in useful:-?

12-13-2008, 23:37
HH gives you a free hex tarp which is much larger for free instead of the rain fly, just ask when ordering. or if you're ordering the ultralight backpacker model (most common) just ask for the explorer ultralight (same thing but bigger rain fly) and they'll charge you like 10 bucks. if you know how to setup the hammock correctly (it's really not the simplest thing) you can get by with the stock rainfly. I used a stock rainfly for a year, had problems the first time I used it and never again.

12-14-2008, 00:30
i've got no problems with the stock fly... lived though plenty of downpours in it. it's just that when you want a little extra room to move around, cooking or talking with whoever's along with you on the trip, it's nice to have a little extra room to do it. i made my own 8 x 10 silnylon tarp. i think if i had to do it over, i'd do a 9x9, or a hex with an 11' point to point.

12-14-2008, 19:04
IMO, the HH stock fly gets a bad rap. It does the job keeping the rain out if you have installed it properly. Other tarps provide a larger dry area, but if you are a minimalist, you can get by just fine in the summer with a stock tarp....and it IS very light.

12-18-2008, 17:32
I used the stock HH on my Ultralight and found it to be pretty useless; there was very little coverage for blowing rain and no matter how much I fiddled, there was always a trough along the ridge which collected water (often leading to a dump!)

To get the proper coverage with the stock tarp, you really need to batten the tarp down close which makes for very poor ventilation on those hot, sticky nights. Yuk!

I ended up buying a MacCat Deluxe which is really a well made tarp.

When it looks like rain on hot, summer nights, the MacCat gives enough coverage that I can leave plenty of room between the tarp and top line and catch a little breeze to stay cool. Always a pleasure compared to stuffy tents on 90+ degree nights!

On rainy days, when we get to camp in the afternoon, I usually strap my HH up around the top guyline leaving lots of room under the big MacCat. Voila - my place becomes the camp's, "recreation center". The MacCat is big enough that we can fit six or eight folks under it where we swap stories, libations and trail snacks which makes carrying the extra couple of ounces over the stock tarp more than worth the effort! My freinds have yet to complain!)

The only downside I see is the tarp adds a little bit bulk to my set-up (especially when I'm doing weekend bike tours with small panniers) but between the HH and the tarp, I enjoy the luxury on those messy days that tend to turn a fun weekend into a schlog...)

12-18-2008, 20:59
I have had several hammocks 2 Hennessy's 1 Speer and a modified travel hammock my pick is the travel hammock with sail rope less then 10 oz and a big 8X10 Speer tarp
The Hennessy most likly will keep you dry while your in your hammock but you do have to eat and get dressed and pack etc. I love the Hennessy hammock but I do not find it any more comfy then my 10oz travel hammock

Every Blessing

12-18-2008, 22:43
I have a Hennessey, and as far as protecting the hammock and contents from the elements, the stock HH fly works fine, IMO, and that's what I use for most weekend trips. On longer trips, I leave the stock tarp at home, and carry a Speer Winter Tarp - an extra 12 ounces. What you get is a tremendous versatility. With the Speer tarp, I can set it up as a tent for sleeping on the ground, or up high for fair weather, or in all sorts of configurations, some of which wind up with a protected space big enough to shelter a hammocker and a few ground-dwelling friends in luxury. That's just what I like to have along for a rainy morning, a damp nero day, etc.

12-19-2008, 00:15
I have a Hennessy Ultralight backpacker A-sym I bought about 5 years ago. The sheathing on the hanging rope wore out and I had to cut the rope off and tie loops close to the hammock. I use regular nylon climbing accessory cord now.
I've never been down to the 200lb. recommended max weight since I bought the hammock. Other than the cord, there's been no damage.
The tarp IS small. It keeps the hammock dry, but once you get out of the hammock you're basically in the rain, especially if it's windy.
I got tired of crawling in and out the little hole, and decided to try a new hammock. I bought a basic Byer and then a Traveller. I now use an ENO bug netting when it's warm, and this:
when it's not. Can't do that with the Hennessy. Under and over quilts cost a whole lot more than a basic down semi-rectangular bag (note: I now use a Golite Feather-lite bag instead of the Marmot). Another plus is that you don't need to carry the extra weight of the bug netting if you don't need it. The only minus is that the ENO bug net hangs lower than I'd like. Sometimes it ends up in the mud. I plan on a little surgery this winter to fix that.

12-19-2008, 00:17
Oh, and I just ordered a MacCat standard in spinnaker fabric. Brian said it should ship early next week.
I use a 10x12 Equinox silnylon tarp in the winter and am able to make a hammock tent with it.

12-19-2008, 01:37
I've never been down to the 200lb. recommended max weight since I bought the hammock. Other than the cord, there's been no damage.The rope is what makes the rating. I had Hennessey fix me up a UL Backpacker rated at 250 instead of the normal 200 and all they did was swap out ropes. They did it free of charge as well.