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12-10-2008, 18:20
Well, I originally set out to hike from Rockfish Gap to Daleville but I bailed out at Glasgow due to weather. It is going to be raining and snowing the last 3 days of my hike and I just wasn't in the mood to hike in it. Fortunately, I was at Glasgow the day before the rain started and I was able to get a ride back to my truck in Glasgow.

I will always remember 3 things:

1. The climb up the Priest - it was intense and took me 2.5 hours.

2. I spent the night where Fish Hatchery Rd. crosses the trail and the wind was howling - according to the NWS there were gusts in exess of 50 MPH. There was also a few inches of snow on top of the mountain. I don't know what the temp was but with the wind chill factor it had to be in the single digits or even lower, It was a long, rough night.

Also, on the way up I was playing tortoise and hare with a boy scout troop wearing blue jeans but I believe the scout leaders took them back down when the weather went sour - at one point I never saw them again.

3. The hike between BV and Glasgow is the easiest 21 miles of trail I've ever hiked. If you ever want to take an easy stroll, this is the ticket.

I've never bailed on a hike but ya know... I don't mind being wet and I don't mind being cold but I don't like being cold and wet..

12-10-2008, 21:31
I had a hike shortened to there myself. If I remember correctly, blisters slowed me down and I wasn't able to make my mileage. That's how I know about the road there, I had to cut down the hill. It's not a great point to end a section. Luckily on the next section I used the Dutch Haus as a shuttle and the owner had the key to the private road.

12-10-2008, 22:33
The priest is a great day hike (i guess when the weather is nicer). I think we took a 9-10 mile loop that took us a leisurely afternoon to finish. There are some awesome waterfalls on the hike up for those water-inclined

12-10-2008, 23:16
You did the absolute right thing. You didn't bail out, just postponed that part of the section for a later date. :) Glad you're back safe.