View Full Version : Dog almost bites Day Hiker, Dog not at fault!

04-09-2004, 19:59
Good Friday, excellent weather for a day hike I thought. So I drove to Erwin to hike from the Nolichuckey River to Cruley Maple Gap and back. No sooner than I had got out of the truck, a guy in a red van stopped and asked if I needed a ride somewhere. It was none other than Uncle Johnny! After I said that I was just on a day hike, he told me about some of the key points in both directions from the river and was off.

The hike was great. But shortly after arriving at the shelter, I heard this dog coming down the trail and he was in a "bad" mood. Growling, barking and not at all happy to see me. Thank goodness Woody and Mickey-One-Sock soon arrived and helped convince the dog I was just a day hiker and not Son of Sam! We had a nice chat during which I learned that the dog belonged to Miss Janet. Of course since my other favorite hobby is photography, I just had to take everyone's picture, including the dog. (Check out my Gallery if you are interested)

After the hike, I passed a light brown van in the parking lot and struck up a conversation with the lady in the drivers seat. She was waiting to pick up some thru hikers and give them a ride back into Erwin. It was Miss Janet herself! I told her that I was almost bitten by her dog at the shelter. She said that being a day hiker, I probably didn't smell like a "real" hiker. No big deal, I told her, I generally like dogs and he did calm down after he found out I wasn't a threat.

After a while I figured it out. I shook hands with Uncle Johnny at the start of the hike. Some 3 hours later, I met Miss Janet's dog Fabian. Good thing I didn't actually ride in the red van! :D

The Old Fhart
04-09-2004, 20:29
Now that is funny!

04-12-2004, 06:45
Funny but true, well except for the last paragraph!

04-12-2004, 07:50

sounds like a story only Homer Simpson could appreciate.

arf-arf-growl! :D