View Full Version : Davenport Gap Shelter to Tricorner Knob

12-13-2008, 19:22
How difficult would it be to go from Davenport Gap shelter to Tricorner Knob shelter...considering the amount of daylight we have right now?

My friend and I want to go from Newfound Gap to Davenport next week but I went to make reservations and Icewater springs only has 1 space left.

We wanted to come in from newfound gap but since Icewater is filled up we're thinking of starting from Davenport instead.

We'd like to do it in 3 days with the 1st day having only a few hrs to hike due to having to drive 5hrs and get a shuttle as well.

If anybody has any suggestions, I'm open for alternate campsites or routes, but we want to see as much of the AT as possible.


12-13-2008, 19:41
IMO it all comes down to how aerobially fit you are, i.e. if you're in good shape, you can make it. The distance of 15 miles entails over 4,000' of gross ascent but it's all steady, not too steep. And one advantage is that with only 2 nights planned on the Trail, your packs should be light.

You should have an alarm of some sort to ensure you get up in the dark in Davenport so that you can start hiking at first light. I use my cell phone; the alarm works even when the phone is turned off.

12-13-2008, 19:41
trail in the smokies is easy to follow after dark

12-14-2008, 00:45

I'm deciding between staying at Davenport or hiking to campsite 37 the first night. Staying at 37 would cut off some of the miles and elevation for the 2nd day. Hiking to 37 from big creek is easy and we've done it before. Then we could take low gap trail up to the AT and over to tricorner the 2nd day.

I always have my cell phone and watch that I can set alarms for...starting at first light it definitly the way to go.

12-14-2008, 11:43
Better yet, start at Cosby CG and go to Cosby shelter via Low Gap on day one. That will shorten the drive and the shuttle, also.