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10-17-2002, 23:07
Info, questions, comments, experiences (good or bad) regarding -Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to

Past hikers - what can future hikers expect here? Have any good stories or memories from here?

Future hikers - any questions?

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TJ aka Teej
02-16-2003, 00:02
You'll be lulled to sleep here by the sounds of Cooper Brook Falls. Great swimming hole in front of the lean-to, falls give great back massages. Ponds here are full of leeches, so this is a great place to get wet. You share the trail here with moose, keep your eyes and ears open. In June of '03 a nesting Gyrfalcon was squawking at and buzzing hikers just north of the selter. Tenting right on the AT, porcupine-proofed privy across AT and uphill from shelter. Area just north of the shelter is popular with bear-over-bait hunters in September. The Jo-Mary road is less than four miles north, great spot for food caches or hike/hitching the six tote road miles to Jo-Mary Campground's hot food and small store.


02-16-2003, 03:53
I agree, I took Cooper Brook up on its wonderful massage. This comes at a time when you know your days are running out on the trail and you wish you had enjoyed it more. Cooper Brook Shelter is very ideal for staying overnight. Beautiful spot.

02-16-2003, 05:25
what state is it in?

02-16-2003, 10:18
We overnighted there in 2001. Only shelter we slept in throughout the 100 mile wilderness. Very convenient ...off to the right of the trail (going northbound). Got there late afternoon and had been hiking all day with a wet tent and damp gear/clothing so we strung up line between the trees and hung everything out to dry. We were certain that the shelter would fill up that night but to our surprise, no one came. We finished dinner, did some journaling and slipped off to a great night's sleep. Only bad memory was that we hung our food over a tree branch (fairly high one too) off to the right of the shelter and during the night a chip or other varmint climbed down the line and gnawed through the bag. What ever it was must have lost interest or fallen off though because there was only minor damage to the bag and very little food eaten.

02-16-2003, 21:57
Originally posted by Simva2020
what state is it in?

The 100 miles of Maine (there a several places that are a lot more wilderness than this stretch).

04-29-2004, 14:45
A friend and I hiked from Long Pond Stream to Abol Bridge back in September '83. It was back before the area was really discovered and we saw only eight people in 9 leisurely days. A thing I remember about the trip is that it rained only one day and that was the day we hiked from Logan Brook to Cooper. We arrived in early afternoon after a miserable, muddy slog in a cold, steady torrent that never let up. We changed into dry clothing and got into our bags on the baseball bat floor. This was a REAL baseball bat floor made of logs 8-10 inches in diameter, not the smaller, shaved-top variety as at Poplar Ridge and Rainbow Stream. In those pre-Thermarest days most of us carried thin Ensolite so it was very uncomfortable. You tried to fit into the space between the logs but one shoulder/butt cheek or the other would always be higher. There were other hikers, one of whom was Roger Brickner who ran Roger's Appalachia Cottage on the AT in NY and later lived in NH. Anyone know if he's still around?

I still remember the feeling of cameraderie in that group as we all shared food and talked throughout the afternoon. The next day dawned clear and cold and we continued north. I have never been back.

walkin' wally
04-30-2004, 18:28
This is definitely one of my favorite places to stay in Maine. Like the other posts say; Ample water, nice view of the brook and pool, great swimming. The steady sound of water going over the rocks lulled me to sleep quickly. There is also a nice beach on Crawford Pond not too far to the southbound of Cooper Brook Falls.
If someone wanted a stretch to hike that doesn't have a lot of elevation gain and loss ( northbound of Whitecap Mtn. ) this would be a good area to hike, starting near the east branch of the Pleasant River all the way to the south end of Nahmakanta lake with nice scenery, more beaches,White house landing and the Antlers tentsite etc. I wouldn't suggest the month of June though,Bzzt,Bzzt,Bzzt. ;)

Walkin Wally

04-30-2004, 19:21
It is a funny thing that someone posted in this thread now. Because we are heading to this spot tomorrow morning for an overnight trip into Cooper Falls and back out Sunday. Wally is right and I agree. This is one of my favorite lean-to's on the Maine AT. We diceded on doing this short trip because it is a pre-season hike for Tink and I. It is only about four miles in. But we are just doing it as a relaxing hike. It will be to cold to swim I am sure. But it will be relaxing listening to the water at night (with no bugs). Oh yes I can not forget pcm25 is coming with us. If anyone else want to join us let me know. We are leaving my house to head up there tomorrow at about 10am.

walkin' wally
05-01-2004, 17:56
Sounds like a great hike. I would love to go but I have to get things done at home so I can go up to Rainbow Lake and cut blowdowns and do other jobs next Tuesday. I will probably stay at Rainbow Stream lean-to for a couple of nights and work out from there. Like ATTROLL says... no bugs. :) It is a great time of year to hike, right now.

05-02-2004, 18:32
Most all went well. Posted my report in the trip reports section.