View Full Version : Lost Camera @ TwentyMileCreek

12-19-2008, 17:15
This is a long shot but I lost my 4 week old camera backpacking last weekend in the Smokies. I believe that I lost it near my green Element parked at the TwentyMileCreek ranger station. I would love to get my camera back plus it would help my marriage! Thanks

12-19-2008, 17:19

Have you called the Rangers ? If someone were to find it and turn it in that'd probably be who they'd turn it in to.

There are honest people in the world that turn in things that they find.

I hope that's the case with your camera.

12-19-2008, 18:15
Google lost camera. Bunch of sites.

Was one listed here a while back.

Good luck.

12-31-2008, 13:22
Send him to valhalla, mods.