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TJ aka Teej
04-12-2004, 10:47
Here's a bit from two newspapers, the entire stories are at the links.
At the Friends Of Baxter
meeting this weekend, the Director expressed concerns about abuses by snowmobile users, and a large buffer was suggested around the Park. He also says the Perimeter road will be open May 15th.

Writer calls for buffer at Baxter


WATERVILLE - The Baxter State Park experience might be enhanced if a buffer were developed around its boundaries, Dean Bennett, noted wilderness writer and University of Maine at Farmington professor, said Saturday.Bennett, addressing the annual meeting of the Friends of Baxter State Park at Governor's Restaurant, applauded the purchase last year of a 24,000-acre township adjacent to the 200,000-acre park by Roxanne Quimby. Similar purchases, which limit logging and development, would benefit the park, he said.

Bennett said he asked longtime park Director Buzz Caverly to identify potential threats to the park. They are: [in part]

- Aircraft noise, particularly low-flying sightseeing and wildlife observation flights;

- Radio antennas, solar power panels, communication devices and other technology that has affected the park's primitive nature.
[Buzz also mentions removal of cabins and buildings]

Snowmobiles seen as problem in wilderness park



WATERVILLE, Maine -- Snowmobiles have become a problem in Baxter State Park, its director says.

The speed of the machines is an issue in some cases, Buzz Caverly said, and some snowmobiles are going where they're not allowed. Snowmobiling is permitted only along the park's Tote Road.

Caverly spoke Saturday at the annual meeting of the Friends of Baxter State Park, an independent citizens' group working to preserve, support and enhance the 200,000-acre park's wilderness character.

In his brief "state of the park" remarks, he said 2003 was a successful year, with nearly 65,000 park visitors, of whom about 36,000 were from Maine.

The keynote speaker was longtime wilderness advocate Dean Bennett, author and professor emeritus at the University of Maine at Farmington, who spoke of growing pressures that work against the preservation and protection of wild areas.