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04-12-2004, 14:17
Hi guys. Unfortunately I didn't get to make a thru attempt this year, but I did manage to secure some time off to do a short section into Trail Days, starting in Erwin, TN. A couple questions:

1) Any recommendations on a safe place to park a truck in Erwin?
2) My current plans have me starting in Erwin on 4/30 and arriving in Damascus on 5/13. Any "must see" places in between? The only town/resupply stop I currently have planned is in Elk Park for resupply and R&R. I'm not planning on being in any hurry and can add a day or so to my start date if need be.
3) I'm using an older (2000) Thru-Hiker's Guide to get mileage, water sources, etc...is there any decent camping/water between Abingdon Gap and Damascus, so I have a shorter day's hike (5 miles or so) into Damascus on the 13th?

See ya in the woods,

04-12-2004, 14:28

Great section choice, one of my favorites. Your schedule will really allow you to enjoy it to its potential. Some of the highlights of this section include: Beauty Spot, Unaka Mtn, Roan Mountain, Jane and Round Balds, Overmountain Shelter, The Humps and Laurel Creek Falls.
I personally suggest skipping the town of Elk Park altogehter and instead going another 20 miles to Kincorra Hostel at Dennis Cove Road. Bob, the propietor will shuttle you into town for food and groceries and you can send a maildrop there. Elk Park and the area near it is often known as a not hiker friendly area and does not offer many services. Kincorra is a 4 dollar donation and Bob and his wife are probably THE nicest people on the AT. He will also gladly slack pack you if you are into that.

As far as parking a car, I would get in touch with Miss Janet who lives and runs a great hostel in Erwin. She will most likely be able to help you, or you may want to contact Bob from Kincorra as a backup. Maybe even MRO outfitters in Damascus. All parties do shuttles.

I'm honestly not sure about the water situation right before Damascus. All I can say about that is that the 40 miles or so south of Damascus is some of the easiest and flattest walking on the whole trail and that if you do stay at Vandaventer shelter, you may want to consider bringing water there instead of walking a half miles down a steep thorny trail. Enjoy!

04-12-2004, 16:37
A-Train, thanks for the info, I'll consider changing my resupply to Kincorra, I've heard nothing but good things about those folks.

Take care,

04-12-2004, 21:13
I may be offering something I cant backup but I am currently in school and have my vehicle with me so there is an extra parkin place at my house in Johnson City. I'll talk to my parents and see if they can accomodate an extra vehicle and shuttling to Erwin. Let me know if this sounds good to you.


04-12-2004, 23:19
On the exact same dates we are scheduled for Bearwallow Gap to Buena Vista...then a quick stop at TrailDays on the way back.

04-14-2004, 21:12
Jimbo: Sounds great to me if it doesn't put anyone out. I'm looking at a couple parking options in Erwin right now as well.

Appreciate it greatly!