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10-17-2002, 23:17
Info, questions, comments, experiences (good or bad) regarding -Guyot Campsite Shelter

Past/Present hikers - what can future hikers expect here? Have any good stories or memories from here?

Future hikers - any questions?

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11-11-2002, 17:31
The shelter and camping area are on a fairly steep hillside. Wooden tent platforms. The spring is slow. I stopped there for water in Sept. 2001.

11-13-2002, 11:20
the upper most tent platform is a wonderful spot to see the sunrise & sunset

01-13-2003, 09:53
IMHO, along with Garfield and The Perch, the best tasting water in the Whites. Tent Platform for the most privacy: bottom level, #5. Unfortunately the overflow area can be like camping at Woodstock. This situation is possible on weekends, (July and August) and is highly probable on three day weekends.
This site is run by the AMC and they charge June-October.

West Bond is a short hike from the tent platforms, (beautiful views and sunsets) and it's my second favorite place in all the Whites. (Bond and Carrigain run a close second.)

07-26-2003, 20:59
This is one of my favorite spots. The hike to the shelter, from either The A.T. or Bondcliff is beatiful (especially Bondcliff). Great sunrise and sunsets also from Mount Guyot. The shelter is very similar to Imp and Gentian Pond Shelters.


04-29-2004, 14:22
This thread brings back memories of my first backpacking trips circa 1976-77. Hard to believe it's been nearly thirty years since I've last been to Guyot. I spent the summer of '77 backpacking throughout the Whites and stayed at Guyot at various times.


-the pack of kids from the summer camp who got the "trots" and kept the outhouse door slamming all night long.
-the bear roaming through the site while a bunch of very attractive girls were also camping there. They stayed really close to us that night.:)
-the view from atop West Bond. Beautiful sunsets and not a road in sight for 360 degrees.
-the taste of that cold, sweet water after a long, hot day (nobody worried about giardia back then).

I also remember meeting some "old" guy who talked about the way it was up there in the good old days some thirty years before.:D

Happy trails.