View Full Version : May get sponsors,for my hike.

12-23-2008, 14:32
I gave a presentation to ,NAMI,a national mental health organization,because im a diagnosed,paranoid schizophrnic.
Plus I contacted,we move,and a organization that makes pepole aware of movement disorders,which I have,tardive dyskinesia.It was caused by medication,doctor took me off that med five years ago,but the med caused permenit damage,so Im stuck with it for life.
Im not asking for there money,just there support in my hike,so I be hiking for a cause.I would be handing out information on mental health and movement disorders.Where to call,or send donationas,to these groups.There not going to be ready by march,so I got hold back on my hike till,2010.Plus im getting a goverment housing apartment.Yet im wating on my dentures and parcel,they wont be done till mid april.Plus I will be able to save money by then.


12-23-2008, 17:37
Best Wishes Nathan.