View Full Version : New snow in the Smoky Mountains - 14 April

04-14-2004, 10:13
From what I can see at:


It looks like it snowed up on the roof of the trail again last night.

0.37 in of precipitation yesterday, and the temperature is below freezing this morning. It will be interesting to read the journals for 13-14 April as they begin to get posted.

04-14-2004, 10:21
I live at about 2,000 ft. about 5 air miles from Amicalola Falls and we had about 2" at that altitude. The folks who live on up around 3,500ft here in Big Canoe had closer to 3-4 inches.

In 2000 I walked from Tri corner Knob to Davenport Gap in 6-8 inches of snow on April 25th. TYhe same day I experienced a spring thunderstorm complete with lightning strikes walking down to Mountain Moma's from Davenport Gap Shelter.

Whoda' thunk it?


04-14-2004, 20:22
May 22,1978 Snow Flurries believe it or not. Springs days are much warmer now (26 years later). Maybe some global warming. :sun

04-14-2004, 21:29
I don't remember what year 1996? The first week in May it snowed over 3 feet in the Smokies ! The snow melts very fast this time on year in the smokies. 25 degrees with snow one day then 65 and sunny the next.