View Full Version : birdnest 3 - SNP - is now open to thru hikers

12-26-2008, 21:45
Passed by there today and looked in. A raised platform for 8-10 hikers has been added. The building is a 3 sided stone with a fireplace. A new privy has been added north of the hut. Several tent pads have been prepared east of the hut. Sign says it is now available for long distance hikers only. Guess they finally got tired of people camping there anyway when it was supposed to be day use only. There are 3 more birdnests in the SNP but I don't what the status of those is. Only bad thing is no water except about a half mile further on to meadow spring trail to the spring. But, the spring runs all year round. There is a drinking fountain at the hut and they may turn it on once there is no chance of freezing.


12-27-2008, 08:05
spring is down the fire road from birds nest 3 about 0.3 mile - as I recall its a good piped spring about 50 feet to the left as one heads down hill

I have never seen the water fountain turned on in over 10 years

12-27-2008, 18:17
i was planning on packing out of thorton gap to overnight here when it gets warmer, as a non long distance hiker, for the time being at least, will the NPS rangers come and throw the book at me just for one night??
and doesnt that place have a fire place on the interior?
what direction does the open side face?

thanks yall, happy new year.

12-27-2008, 18:18
HOI, you live in stanardsville or fletcher, dont you? youre close by.

12-27-2008, 20:54
HOI, you live in stanardsville or fletcher, dont you? youre close by.

sort of between Standardsville and Ruckersville - Quinque is the nearest post office.

I hiked up to BN3 today to check it out - looks really good - cleaner than I have ever seen it - large platform with the edge just the right distance from the fireplace - firewood cut and stacked beside fireplace (not the best looking firewood - green - but *** someone else cut it) - enough room under the roof to get the picnic table almost completely under cover - good privy - did see one footprint that was probably a good size bear in the mud going to the official campsites (could also be someone spoofing but ...)

My impression is that other than the water situation (0.3 downhill to a great spring) this hut is the best of the huts in the park.

wrt the long distance hikers only rule - this has got to be the most unenforced rule I have ever seen - its my opinion that the club puts the sign up in the faint hope that someone will actually obey - stuff I have seen LE Rangers get on hikers about : food storage, permits, weapons, and not camping in a designated campsite. I have never heard of any of them caring that you are in the hut for an overnight only.

12-27-2008, 20:57
what direction does the open side face?

it faces west toward Luray

12-27-2008, 22:55
I too was at Birdsnest 3 today as it was a great day to get out there and hike. As stated above shelter has a new privy with stairs 25-35 yds away. A new platform has been built inside shelter to accomadate 6-8 and fireplace has enough wood for one chilly night.

12-27-2008, 23:36
Quinque! thats right on 33 if i am not mistaken. thats a really nice area, i envy your proximity to the trail.
yes im going to stay there one night when it gets a little warmer. thanks for the info HOI!