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12-28-2008, 14:26
I am a 2008 Thru hiker and lucky enough to be getting back to the trail soon. Me and some of the people I hiked with will be doing a section around Damascus. I am probably going to leave my car in Damascus and not to sure where I can park it. I will be walking into town and I don't remember there being a parking lot near the Creeper. I know I can't leave a car at 'the place' and was looking for some advice about where I could. It will only be there for 4 nights starting on the 29th. Thanks for the help and Happy Trails.

Lone Wolf
12-28-2008, 14:29
you can leave a car at The Old Mill next to the post office. it's public parking

12-28-2008, 16:59
Huge parking lot at the caboose.

Lion King
12-28-2008, 17:03
Thaks for the call Trill, wish I could have made ATL today

Tennessee Viking
12-28-2008, 17:15
Parking at the park is day use only.

Mt Rogers is $2 a day

Old Mill is free

12-28-2008, 17:37
Thanks for all the help. Damascus was my favorite trail town and looking forward to walking the streets again. However, following white blazes will be better. Good luck Lion King making it to NH.

12-29-2008, 17:29
In 2007 I did a week on the AT and left my car in Damascus. I inquired at the police station to where I could park my car. They told me to park next to the basketball court on Water Street. The police took my name and address and car reg.# and said they would keep an eye on it. Several cars were parked in the lot. I was gone for 10 days and had no problems.

Just Plain Jim
12-29-2008, 17:59
Last May Mt. Rogers T P Let me park behind their building for a week. The only damage? bird dooty.:o

12-29-2008, 18:12
Last May Mt. Rogers T P Let me park behind their building for a week. The only damage? bird dooty.:o

I inquired about parking at Mt. Rogers and they told me I could leave my car out back for $2.00 a day.:eek:

Lone Wolf
12-29-2008, 18:15
no need to pay for parking in damascus

Lone Wolf
12-29-2008, 18:16
Mt. Rogers T P

what/where is that?