View Full Version : Optimus terra weekend vs. full cookset

01-04-2009, 17:03
Anyone had any experiene with these two? The full cookset is running about twice as much as the .9 liter version and I was wondering if there were any regrets for buying or not buying. I basically need something that is adaquate for two but mostly used for one. I could just buy both now that I think about it.

01-04-2009, 22:45
I have an Evernew 1.3 liter ti. pot. I got it at REI's attic sale. One handle was broken off, the other one I broke off on purpose and use a bandanna or pot gripper on it. It's all I've needed the past 8 years since I've gotten it for myself and occasionally for two. It's light enough that I don't mind carrying it by myself (less chance of water sloshing over because the amount I use doesn't come anywhere near the rim). I use it to carry water occasionally, too. Works great with an alcohol stove - wide pot bottoms pick up more heat. For two people, go for one large pot (any brand) and use Coolwhip bowls or large margarine containers for bowls (or you could use Snow Peak pots (titanium), giving you the ability to heat up things in your "bowls".