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10-19-2002, 09:33
Just curious to know if the hammocks have a maximum comfortable height. Such as, could a 6'6" person get comfortable in one?


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SGT Rock
10-19-2002, 09:35
Well I can only speak personally about a hammock for someone 5'8" but others that are taller have told me they are quite comfortable in a hammock. I'm getting one of the larger Hennessy Hammocks next week to test out. I'll see if I can find a tall guy in my unit interested in trying out.

10-20-2002, 11:01
I'm 6'2" and I find my larger Hennessy Hammock to be very comfortable and there is enough extra room so that a person 6'6" should be OK with it also. This is however in a model that I don't think is still available, the 2000 Safari Deluxe, but I suspect that a larger hammock such as the 2002 Safari Deluxe A-Sym from Hennessy would still be just as comfortable.