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Caveman of Ohio
01-06-2009, 20:16
I am planning on visiting my cousin in Palm Springs for Easter. Is Idyllwild the closet spot to pick up the Pct? I am looking to do a small day hike just to check out the trail.

01-06-2009, 20:38
The closest spot is where the trail crosses under I-10 about 12-15 miles East of Palm Springs. I forget the name of the service road that parallels the highway but it is about 4 miles from the town of Cabazon. It's proabably about the crappies spot to start a walk on the PCT as you will pass garbage and sketchiness either way you walk on the desert floor.

Not sure what time of year you wanna go, but it might be worth it to do some extra driving to the Palms to Pines Highway trailhead or hike the Devils Slide Trail out of Idyllwild up to the PCT.

Caveman of Ohio
01-06-2009, 21:05
I am planning on being in Palm Springs for about a week. I wanna drive down to Campo and just do some day hiking close to Palm Springs.

Desert Reprobate
01-06-2009, 21:18
Palms to Pines Highway is the best way to go but there is a lot of snow up there right now. They closed the trailhead to San Jacinto a couple of weeks ago.

Erik The Black
01-08-2009, 22:46
You might want to drive up to Joshua Tree and do some hiking in the JT National Park. The PCT is covered in snow right now around Idyllwild and like A-Trail said, it's pretty craptacular in either direction from the I-10. But Joshua Tree is beatiful year round (albeit a little dry and windy in the winter).

In 2007 I "thru-hiked" the California Riding and Hiking Trail which runs through the JT National Park. It's about 45 miles long and is pretty cool. There is pretty much no natural water along the way (except one water hole that's a ways off trail and hard to find the spur trail) but you can drive through there the day before and cache water at a couple of road crossings.

And of course, if you're just looking to do some dayhiking there are plenty of good places, and good rock climbing too.

Caveman of Ohio
02-02-2009, 23:05
Is the Pct Trailhead a mile south of the post office in Campo?

Dont Panic
02-18-2009, 22:39
The quickest way to the PCT from Palm Springs is the Tram: http://www.pstramway.com/. It drops you off near Saddle Junction, which is the same place you'd reach from Idyllwild.

06-02-2009, 16:49
Is the Pct Trailhead a mile south of the post office in Campo?

Hi Caveman,
The start of the trail is about 1.5 miles (2.5km) south of Campo.