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01-06-2009, 23:40
Though posted for the PCT, this could apply to almost any LD hiking forum. (With a little tweaking)

Welcome new members. Let me get you caught up quickly.
(new members, this is only humor for us lurkers. We really do welcome you
with loving arms.)

Recently a FAQ has been created. I am pushing the efficiency quotient by
going straight to the FA's = Frequent Answers. This way, you can skip the
questions. Here is a list:

1. Guns - no
2. Dogs - mostly no, some yes, ask the dog
3. Bear Canisters - Thru hikers have the same rules as everyone else - some
places you need them. Some people don't carry them, some get tickets, some
donít. All anecdotal stories should be considered as gospel.
4. Lions and Tigers and Bears - oh my - not to worry
5. When to leave - depends on your speed, most leave between early April and
early May. YMMV
6. Kennedy Meadows - Depends on how much snow there is.
7. Not if you're experienced - this answer relates to many questions. Apply
at will
8. Permits - PCTA for everything except Whitney.
9. Whitney - not if you're sneaky or do it at night or if no one asks
10. Water Cache - check 4Jeffery.Net - unless you are Elevator, then never -
donít even bring it up.
11. Weight - Max = no more than what the person replies carries. The
replier's base weight is always the maximum acceptable.
12. Cell phones - Sometimes town, rarely trail. Verizon.
13. Food - yes, lots
14. Trail Angles - They expect to get paid, a LOT. They are like brothels
without the companionship. Don't let pimp Daddy Saufley catch you sneaking
out. You will be shot - Donna insists.
15. Which book - take the whole firkin library. You can burn them if you
don't use them.
16. PCTA - just join. It'll make you feel good.
17. Hiker Caste System
a. Sofa Dweller
b. Day Hiker
c. Weekender
d. Section Hiker
e. Thru hiker
f. Triple Crowner
g. Yoyo Gods
18. Never take advice from a lower caste over a higher caste. If you do, be
19. Recommended DVD viewing: Walk, Just Walk, Still Walking, May Walk Some
More, and Jez' I'm tired
20. Most important, welcome to the list.

Pink Gumby

01-06-2009, 23:46
dude mags you can really make me laugh. What about #19 a walk in the woods is not in their. I thought that you had to read that text to hike a long trail?

01-06-2009, 23:59
wow, this is amazing, kinda funny, but amazing.

01-07-2009, 15:42
wow, this is amazing, kinda funny, but amazing.

Well, there are some inside jokes about PCT-L as well.

Just to emphasize, I did not write this post. I thought it was interesting enough to share. :)